Beef to Believe In

Our approach is simple: we let cattle be cattle so that nature can work its magic. It’s our recipe for 100% grass-fed organic ground beef that tastes great on your plate—and feels good on your conscience.

All Natural

Our cattle graze on organic pasture, never receiving antibiotics or added hormones.

Grass Fed

Cattle are free to roam the grassy plains of South America, grazing whenever they choose.

Raised Responsibly

Our beef is made with respect for the animals, the land and the local ranchers.

Real Nutrition

Our grass-fed beef is exceptionally rich in protein, vitamins and minerals like iron.

In Uruguay, cattle outnumber people four to one.

From the Grass-Fed Capital of the World

Our story begins at the source—in Uruguay, a small South American country that’s big on beef. With verdant flatlands, fertile soil and mild climate, it’s the ideal location for raising grass-fed cattle, giving them year-round access to over 47,000 square miles of pasture.

Raised by Gauchos

Cattle are king here, and the local ranchers—or “gauchos”—treat them as such according to deep agricultural traditions that set high standards for beef.

What makes Goodness Grazecious™ so good?

Our grass-fed organic ground beef is raised right from the start, with cattle raised naturally on the finest organic forage.